Archero Weapons Tierlist And Ulimate Guide


So you want to know what the best weapons and gear are in Archero? You’ve come to the right place but before we begin, I’ll be going through in order by weakest to the strongest of weapons.

weapon guide

We’ll talk about their pros and cons and any pairings worth mentioning and conclusion with tips.

So first let’s get through the worse and the best weapons of Archero but before we begin I’d like to add that all weapons are great in a way depending on what you’re after.

All weapons are viable and strong with the right skills is the true deciding factor in DPS. With that said, weapons do have their own perks and situational advantages.

  • These will all be based on stats and numbers also taken account of their epic effects.
  • These stats are running from the legendary level 60 weapon values.
  • These stats include a 15% critical chance and 100% critical damage applied.

Just a quick little glossary for you so you can follow and understand completely.

  • Base damage refers to your damage on the equipment screen modified by your weapon’s modifier.
  • DPS is short for damage per second calculated by weapon damage times damage multiplier times attack speed times the results of one-plus crit chance times crit damage.

I know if you hate math don’t worry. We already calculated this for you. Let’s start with the worst weapon in terms of value.

The Brave Bow

Coming at the bottom of the Tier list is the brave Bow. Now the bow is what everyone begins with when starting out in Archero.

brave bow

Brave Bow Stats
Attack Speed1.73
Base Damage1,349
DPS Value2,859
Epic Stat+50% Crit Dmg
Rare Stat+5% Damage
SynergiesAttack Power & Critical Mastery | Headshot & Attack Speed

Brave Bow Pros

The pros of the Brave Bow is that it’s a great all-rounder. It reloads fast as a tornado weapon and its projectiles travel fast as a bladed weapon.

The epic crit passive gives it a scythe headshot feel to it. Of course, not as effective.

The Wolf Ring complements the bow well because of its extra crit damage.

Brave Bow Cons

Now the cons of the brave bow are that it’s overshadowed by the other weapons.

Bow requires the wolf rings to catch up and output the same DPS as the other three weapons need good skill RNG. The crit major skill is currently glitched if the devs decide to fix this then this skill would greatly assist the bow.

The bow requires good skill RNG on most chapters and near-perfect skill RNG on chapters 10 and 11.

Wolf rings are not recommended in Chapter 7+ as they only increase damage versus melee units. Which puts the bow a disadvantage.

The Saw Blade

Now coming up in second place on this tier list is the Saw Blade. This blade doesn’t have the best rep.

saw blades

Saw Blade Stats
Attack Speed2.6
Base Damage1,079
DPS Value3,227
Epic StatIncreases your Attack Speed (by ~15%) for 3 seconds after entering a room.
Rare Stat+5% Damage
SynergiesHeadshot | Front Arrows (1st Pickup) & Attack Speed | Attack Power & Critical Mastery

Popular opinion is that it’s the weakest weapon in the game. That’s actually not true. According to the stats, the blade is the second strongest starting weapon.

Saw Blade Pros

The pros of the blade this weapon gives you strong mobility. This is great because there are so many levels and boss fights when you’re constantly attacking and moving. It has the best feeling and reaction time due to its natural quickness each shot will successfully connect more often with moving targets. This results in higher DPS.

Blade starts out strong in the first couple of levels. A common blade deals slightly more DPS than a Brave Bow. This weapon works nicely with lightning arrows. With multi-shot, this weapon becomes second-best in the knock-back Department.

Extra strong during early chapters and extra strong in chapter 9 when mobility is key. Saw Blade is good in Chapters 3, 5, and 8 with multi-shot and it is strong in chapter 9.

Saw Blade Cons

Now the cons for Saw blade is it may need ricochet or balance and pierce with bonus arrow skills for Splash Damage.

It’s not the best in Shoot once and dodges scenarios. That’s because of its rapid-fire. The rapid-fire of the blade is its main DPS which you can’t really do if you’re dodging constantly. This weapon requires excellent RNG for chapters 10 and 11.

The Tornado

Now coming in 3rd is the Tornado. Nearly everyone says that this weapon is overpowered and for a good reason.


It has a built-in pierce and has return damage since it acts like a boomerang.

Tornado Stats
Attack Speed1.73
Base Damage1,673
DPS Value3,328
Epic StatCauses more damage when returning to player
Rare Stat+5% Damage
SynergiesAttack Power & Critical Mastery | Headshot | Diagonal Arrows & Multishot

Tornado Pros

Now the Pro’s of Tornado is that it’s the king of boss fights. Greatest strength is giving players more skill options due to its built-in pierce and return damage which is considered as top-tier passives. This means you can pick up two extra abilities basically.

It has a higher success rate of completing a chapter.

A common tornado is slightly stronger than the great bow and a great tornado is slightly stronger than the rare bow.

This weapon sounds strong in dealing with swarms. Strong in chapter 7 which in my opinion is the first extremely hard chapter after beating the previous chapters. Because chapter 7 is just filled with bosses, this weapon the king of bosses is pretty darn great.

Tornado Cons

It’s good to note that the popular ability ricochet skews with the trajectory of the tornado. This is because the ability reduces the damage of later. The initial hit is not very high in Tornado because it applies twice.

However, by using ricochet you will cut this damage by half. Ricochet deals less damage to the next targets it hits which means the next target will most likely get hit for very little damage.

As the tornado has a built-in piercing modifier ricochet would cancel this out by jumping to the next target.

The bouncy wall is also an ability that reduces the damage of Tornado as it may bounce in a different direction and therefore not apply the return damage to the same target.

There is no knockback at all on tornado which means it’s quite challenging when fighting melee monsters.

This weapon requires good skill RNG for chapters 5, 8, 10, and 11 to make up the lack of knock-back.

The Death Scythe

Coming in at the strongest weapon of Archero is The Death Scythe. Death Scythe has the highest base damage to compensate for the lowest attack speed.

death scythe

Death Scythe Stats
Attack Speed1.43
Base Damage1,956
DPS Value3,217
Epic Stat50% chance to kill enemies with less than 30% HP
Rare Stat+5% Damage
SynergiesAttack Speed | Attack Power & Critical Mastery | Ricochet | Multishot

Its knockback effect and epic ability headshot are unrivaled.

Death Scythe Pros

The pros of this weapon are that it has the best passive and has the strongest knockback.

Deals a lot of base damage no other weapon can reproduce fast stage clearing speeds. Scythe is strong on almost all chapters and extra strong in chapters 3, 5, and 8. Strongest endgame weapon and it’s amazing in chapters 10 and 11.

Death Scythe Cons

Death scythe has the slowest attack speed the knock-back can sometimes push enemies projectiles to hit you. If you know what I mean, this happens by repositioning an enemy that’s ready to hit you. This doesn’t happen all the time but it can happen. It is highly recommended to stutter step which is when you tap the screen or move slightly between attacks to reset the attack animation. This will result in a significant DPS boost.

This weapon is not ideal in stages or bosses what the play is under constant attack or projectiles is flooding the screen.

When trying to avoid damage, Scythe does not have enough time to follow through an attack animation. This results in forfeiting some DPS.

The death scythe is weaker in chapter 9 and speaking about endgame serpent rings are the staple and game accessory for their dodge perks and bonus damage against ranged monsters and bosses.

Archero Weapon Tips

Now for some conclusion and tips. All weapons are great in their own way. Each coming into their own spotlight depending on the situation.

The weapon type is always secondary to the skills you RNG which means one good or bad skill can change the tempo of your run.

The difficulty of the game is first determined by weapon level to equipment levels to your RNG skills and then muscle memory and your reaction speed.

The correct skill combination is more important than anything else for overcoming a chapter.

There are some stages where you won’t be able to beat it without the wingman ability or the shield guard ability.

There will be certain bosses you wouldn’t be able to beat without buying a 30 gem continue which is only recommended only for bosses in chapter 7+. I know not everyone buys gems and I’m also someone who just relies on the free gem rolls mostly.

So if you want you can save up the gems that you got for free from watching ads for gem revives. But use them very carefully, don’t use them for bosses that you know you can beat with time.

If I do use a gem revive I usually keep it for the end boss. But only if that boss is very hard, there are some mini-bosses that are actually harder than the end boss.

Dodge master and invincibility ability are useful after you’ve picked up your top tier DPS skills. Sometimes even better than taking the HP boost.

Stutter stepping is equally effective on all weapons except for blade and should be utilized until your second attack speed major ability.

3 Things To Remember

  1. The most important tip is to RNG the right skills
  2. If your gear rarity or levels are too low keep farming the highest chapter you’re at or the one below it to raise your item level.
  3. If you’re still struggling with the right gear and the right RNG skills, this means you haven’t developed the muscle memory required to predict and dodge the enemies specific to your chapter. With enough repetition, you’ll eventually get the patterns down. Even if it seems impossible at first.

If you find this Archero weapons guide helpful please leave any of your own tips, questions, or suggestions for future Archero guides in the comments down below.

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