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This is the newest dragon city breeding guide and charts to complete your dragon collections. Please note that some of the breeding processes require a certain level for dragon parents to successfully breed your required dragons.

How To Breed Elemental Dragons

You can purchase Elemental Dragons at the store with gold. These dragons have a single element only. Breeding 2 dragons that have the same element will result in the same element dragons. For example, breeding 2 Sea dragons will always produce a Sea dragon.

Here is our complete list of breeding guide for elemental dragons. The outcome of breeding dragons in dragon city is not affected by the order at which you put them in breeding structures.

Terra Dragons

Flame Dragons

ParentsResults ( Parents Lv 10 | Parents Lv 15 )
Flame + TerraFlaming Rock, Volcano, Aztec
Flame + SeaCloud, Blizzard
Flame + NatureFirebird, Spicy, Butterfly, Paradise
Flame + ElectricHot Metal, Laser, Music, Aurora
Flame + MetalMedieval, Steampunk, Carnival, Ruby
Flame + DarkVampire, Dark Fire, Joker
Flame + LightSun
Flame + WarJuggernaut
Flame + PurePure Flame

Sea Dragons

ParentsResults ( Parents Lv 10 | Parents Lv 15 )
Sea + TerraWaterfall, Mud, Plankton, Jelly
Sea + FlameCloud, Blizzard
Sea + NatureNenufar, Coral, Seahorse
Sea + ElectricLantern, Fish, Storm, Hydra
Sea + IceIcecube, Ice Cream, Viking
Sea + MetalMercury, Seashell, Hammer
Sea + DarkPirate, Petroleum
Sea + LightLuminsicent
Sea + PurePure Sea

Nature Dragons

ParentsResults ( Parents Lv 10 | Parents Lv 15 )
Nature + TerraCactus, Tropical, Centipede, Deep Forest
Nature + FlameFirebird, Spicy, Butterfly, Paradise
Nature + SeaNenufar, Coral, Seahorse
Nature + IceMojito, Dandelion
Nature + MetalJade, Dragonfly, Emerald
Nature + DarkRattlesnake, Carnivore Plant, Two headed
Nature + LightGaia, Tiny
Nature + WarRed Woods
Nature + PurePure Nature

Electric Dragons

ParentsResults ( Parents Lv 10 | Parents Lv 15 )
Electric + TerraStar, Chameleon, Sky
Electric + FlameHot Metal, Laser, Music, Aurora
Electric + SeaLantern, Fish, Storm, Hydra
Electric + IceFluorescent, Moose, Prisma
Electric + MetalGold, Battery
Electric + DarkNeon, Block
Electric + LightPhoton
Electric + WarTesla
Electric + PurePure Electric

Ice Dragons

ParentsResults ( Parents Lv 10 | Parents Lv 15 )
Ice + TerraAlpine, Snowflake, Great White
Ice + FlameHot Metal, Laser, Music, Aurora
Ice + SeaIcecube, Ice Cream, Viking
Ice + MetalPearl, Platinum
Ice + DarkPenguin, Fossil
Ice + LightCold Star
Ice + WarNIghtwind
Ice + PurePure Ice

Metal Dragons

ParentsResults ( Parents Lv 10 | Parents Lv 15 )
Metal + FlameMedieval, Steampunk, Carnival, Ruby
Metal + SeaMercury, Seashell, Hammer
Metal + NatureJade, Dragonfly, Emerald
Metal + ElectricGold, Battery
Metal + IcePearl, Platinum
Metal + DarkZombie
Metal + LightRainbow
Metal + WarPanzer
Metal + PurePure Metal

Dark Dragons

ParentsResults ( Parents Lv 10 | Parents Lv 15 )
Dark + TerraHedgehog, Venom, Bat
Dark + FlameVampire, Dark Fire, Joker
Dark + SeaPirate, Petroleum
Dark + NatureRattlesnake, Carnivore Plant, Two headed
Dark + ElectricNeon, Block
Dark + IcePenguin, Fossil
Dark + MetalZombie
Dark + WarDark Stone
Dark + PurePure Dark

Hybrid Dragons

Hybrid Dragons possessed 2 or more elements. You can get Hybrid dragons by breeding 2 elementals of different types. There are 43 Hybrid dragons that you can breed and we have a separate guide here on How To Breed Hybrid Dragons.

How To Breed Rare Hybrid Dragons

Rare Hybrids are dragons that possessed 2 elements and are opposed to each other. For example, Terra and Metal (Armadillo) meaning Terra and Metal can’t be bred with each other and that makes the armadillo a Rare Hybrid dragon.

The easiest way to breed rare hybrid is by breeding opposite element as long as your dragons are a Hybrid. For example, War and Double Sea dragon will give you a Leviathan Dragon.

Rare Hybrid Dragons

Electric + Double Nature = Gummy
Success RateParents LvSanctuary Lv
100 %205
Double Electric + Nature = Gummy
Success RateParents LvSanctuary Lv
100 %4 to 98
King Solomon + King Solomon = Fallen Angel
Success RateParents LvSanctuary Lv
44.44 %4 to 9N/A
King Ice + Double Flame = Korean Soccer
Success RateParents LvSanctuary Lv
37.50 %10 to 14N/A
Metal + Double Terra = Armadillo
Success RateParents LvSanctuary Lv
88.89 %20+5
Double Metal + Terra = Armadillo
Success RateParents LvSanctuary Lv
88.89 %20+8
Double Terra + Double Metal = Armadillo
Success RateParents LvSanctuary Lv
88.89 %15 to 19N/A
Ice + Double Flame = Cool Fire
Success RateParents LvSanctuary Lv
40 %10 to 14N/A
War + Double Sea = Leviathan
Success RateParents LvSanctuary Lv
100 %15 to 195

Pure Dragons

Pure Dragon is purchasable in store. You must reach level 34 to see Pure Dragon availability in the store.

Pure + TerraPure Terra
Pure + FlamePure Flame
Pure + SeaPure Sea
Pure + NaturePure Nature
Pure + ElectricPure Electric
Pure + IcePure Ice
Pure + DarkPure Dark
Pure + MetalPure Metal

Light Dragons

Archangel + TerraJustice
Archangel + FlameSun
Archangel + SeaLuminsicent
Archangel + NatureGaia, Tiny (Parent Lv 15+)
Archangel + ElectricPhoton
Archangel + IceCold Star
Archangel + MetalRainbow
Archangel + WarElfic
Archangel + PureZen

War Dragons

War + TerraColossal
War + FlameJuggernaut
War + NatureRed Woods
War + ElectricTesla
War + IceNightwind
War + MetalPanzer
War + DarkDark Stone
War + LightElfic
War + PureKratus

How To Breed Legendary Dragons

You can get a legendary Dragon by breeding 2 any Pure or Pure Hybrid Dragons. Any Pure or Pure Hybrid Dragons combination will work.

Both of your Pure Dragons must be level 20 or above to get legendary dragons. The breeding time for legendary dragons is 2 days and 6 hours.

Any Pure Dragon + Any Pure Dragon = Legendary Dragon

Exclusive Dragons

These are all the lists of breedable exclusive dragons. Keep in mind that there is a certain required level for parents to breed exclusive dragons in the dragon city game.

Parent Lv 10+Results
Any Legendary Dragon + ArmadilloSky or Plankton
Any Legendary Dragon + GummySeahorse or Paradise
Any Legendary Dragon + Cool FireGreat White
Parent Lv 15+Results
Any Legendary Dragon + ArmadilloDeep Forest or Bat
Any Legendary Dragon + Cool FireMusic or Carnival
Any Legendary Dragon + SoccerRuby or Fossil
Any Legendary Dragon + GummyEmerald
Parent Lv 20+Results
Any Legendary Dragon + Cool FireAngry or Diamond
Any Legendary Dragon + ArmadilloLava or Poo

Sanctuary Breeding

This is where the magic happens, unlock new exclusive dragon combinations each level of the sanctuary! Put two dragons in and see what comes out! Speedup with Gems and find out faster.

ParentsResultsSanctuary Level
Petroleum + MedievalDeep Red1
Dark + TerraWizard1
Dark + MetalNinja1
Flame + VampireBurning1
Dark + VolcanoWyvern2
Flame + Ice CubeSteam2
War + MudQuake2
Star + SoccerDujur3
Dark + SnowflakeGargoyle3
Sun + PenguinApocalypse3
Medieval + MudBlue4
Ice + GummyGlacial4
Electric + RattlesnakeHowl4
Gaia + NeonPromethium4
Armadillo + VampireMeteor5
Medieval + AlpineForge5
Fallen Angel + Cool FireAbyss5

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