Dragon City Hack Ultimate Gems Mod And Cheats


You’re probably here looking for dragon city hack and if you just started playing the game it’s easy to wonder… Is it reasonable to spend money to get an advantage on other players?

For that matter, how do high-level players get free gems without paying? Are they using gem hack? or do they use modded apk?

Well, let’s take a good look at one of our test accounts with 10 million gems.

Supercharge With Gems

The only way to get an advantage of winning in high-level battles and arena is a strong breed of dragons. Therefore, these dragons will require you to spend more time playing and some players choose to spend money on gems just to get resources like foods and gold faster.

dragon city hack

Gems are also very important when it comes to upgrading your islands. As you advanced in the game, you will need more space for your habitats and farm. While you can purchase the islands with golds, you will still need to unlock them with gems.

If you’re a free-to-play player, you will have a tough time acquiring gems. Not only they are rare, but you will also need some luck to collect a decent amount.

But first I want you to understand that gems are a powerful in-game currency.

You can speed up tasks like breeding, growing foods, egg hatching, and completing the heroic race. Or you can use it on more general ones like buying coins or dragon eggs.

Known Cheats For Dragon City

Android Apps like GameGuardian, Lucky Patch, SB Game Hacker is Basically an app for hacking games. The goal of these cheat applications is to modify the app’s internal parameters like resources and player’s stats. The only downside is you can only use this app on rooted devices.

In the past, these applications worked well in dragon city game but developers are now able to detect players using this type of cheats.

Needless to say, it is not safe anymore to use them. It can result in being kicked out of the game and potentially lose your account.

Bots -- Auto Farm And Collect Golds Foods

If you haven’t heard of this yet, they do exist. In fact, there is a huge community around this.

dragon city bot

It basically plays the game for you like a normal person but without having to open the game.

Using this bot will allow you to auto collect your resources, fight in the tournament, and complete temporary quests. Another cool feature it can offer is the Autoplay all available events like Heroic race, Runner and Maze island and so on.

Breeding Calculator

There 1225 dragons to collect and some of them can’t be bought by gems. This is why the breeding calculator tool comes in handy. Having this by your side will help you countless of time searching for the best dragon pair to breed.

dragon city breeding calculator

One of the most common hacks for dragon city is modded APK for android. But as we speak they probably being patched already by Socialpoint developers.

This is a known issue in any APK website that you spend a lot looking for the latest version but end up installing an outdated file. It gives you a never-ending loop of “Something Went Wrong” notification forcing the game to be reloaded.

Well, it was the most efficient way of hacking gems a few years ago. Luckily, this new dragon city hack has a lot to offer with unique features that are very different from others.

Using the help of our dedicated team of coders and beta tester, we are now finally releasing it for free. Check out below our step-by-step guide on how to get started.

Setting Up Dragon City Hack Tool

1. The first thing you need to do is to take note of your user ID by going to game settings.

dragon city user id

2. While on the game settings menu, disable the gem spend notification.

dragon city gem spend confirmation button

3. Log out to your game, this will stop the current game session which is very important in the next step.

4. Go to our online hack tool, Submit your user ID taken from step 1 and choose the number of resources you desired. Once completed, you can now sign in to your dragon city game.

Important Note: Purchase anything from the store using your gems and do not log out. By doing this, the game server will receive your current game data along with your new amount of gems.

Use Dragon City Hack

Wrapping It Up!

I really hope that this will give you more fun and excitement while playing this game. Despite what you might think, you don’t really need to spend cash on in-game resources. So if you have any questions and suggestions, just let us know in the comment section below.

13 thoughts on “Dragon City Hack Ultimate Gems Mod And Cheats”

  1. I have been playing since November last year and feel it is only getting harder as a free to play player. I love the gem hack more than anything then there are all its other features that I do use as well. Got all the gems I needed, the next step for me would be to complete all heroic race dragons, can’t wait for it!

  2. i have been using findsessionid site and ditlep and both are good, but this hack for dragon city you have provided is on another level! keep up the good job guys!

  3. It is great to get free foods and gems. I had some issues to make it work with my iPhone and the author was really helpful. It finally worked like a charm!

  4. used up all the gems I got on the heroic race! now I’m coming back for more.. hope you guys continue supporting this awesome tool for dragon city

  5. I wish social point would get us more ways of getting free gems in the game, sadly it has becoming a pay to win now. Everyone now needs gems for every event they made resulting free to play players to search for a way to hack dragon city. thank god you guys are around…. without this I would have quit the game already

  6. already tried hundreds of apk and mod and most of them won’t work anymore, it seems that they constantly update the game to get rid of all the mods that made for us. Anyway, this gem cheats works perfectly on my android phone… I just wish you guys could make a token cheat aswell.

  7. Seriously this is the only workaround that I was able to get actual free gems! I have been searching for a while on how to get free gems!

  8. im using noxplayer to play dc and everything works fine for me, just make sure to open the online tools within the emulator.. tried using it on normal pc browser but im getting error. so i suggest to use it on your emulators default browser to avoid getting any problems


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