Pokemon Go Weather Boost Effect And Chart Guide


In this guide, we are talking about the pokemon go weather boost system. How they work and how you can take advantage of them. Whether boosts feature is a great addition to the game it does quite a few things. Released in December 2017 with Gen 3 update, the benefits of weather effects are.

  • Increase Spawn Rate
  • Higher IV and CP
  • Increased Stardust gained by 25%
  • 20% Bonus dmg on Moves based on the weather conditions
  • Higher-level Pokemon (capped at level 30-35)

Pokemon Go Weather Chart

There are currently 7 types of weather conditions in pokemon go. Different types of weather will boost different types of pokemon including raid battles. You can tell if a Pokemon is boosted by the weather based on the spinning ring beneath it. They level from moderate to extreme weather.

WeatherTypes Boosted
Partly CloudyNormal, Rock
SnowIce, Steel
WindyDragon, Flying, Psychic
Clear/SunnyGrass, Ground, Fire
RainWater, Electric, Bug
FogDark, Ghost
CloudyFairy, Fighting, Poison

You can always tell what’s being boosted by looking right above the nearby screen on the bottom right. It will show you a symbol of either cloudy, sunny, or so on. By tapping on the symbol, it will bring up on your screen telling you all the Pokemon that are boosted at that time.

What are Pokemon Go Weather Effects?

It boosts the spawn rate of certain pokemon types depending on your current weather conditions. For example, if the weather condition is Rain then the spawn rate of Water, Electric, and Bug-type Pokemon is higher than the normal.

weather boosted pokemon

You can always tell which spawns are weather boosted based on the blueish circle that’s going around them similar to an incensed pokemon that has the pink circle around them.

Weather Effects On IVs And Combat Power

Those weather boosted Pokemon can also spawn 5 levels higher. For example, a regular wild spawn can only spawn up to level 30. Whereas weather boosted spawn can spawn up to level 35. So you will notice some of the pokemon that you catch on the weather boosted is much higher CP and much higher stardust cost to power them up because they are 5 levels higher.

This is great in situations where you’re catching pokemon that you would normally evolve and power up anyway. It will save you the candies and the Stardusts from powering up those five additional levels.

Pokemon Go Weather Effect Bonus

When you catch the weather boosted Pokemon, you will also get a Stardust bonus of 25%. This boost also works with Star Pieces. If you are getting a star piece whereas you get the extra 50% Stardust for using that. You will also get 25% addition Stardust on top of that when you catch weather boosted pokemon with that Star Piece.

Weather types Pokemon

Now when using these weather types Pokemon in battle you will also get a 20% damage bonus by using the Move type that matches the weather condition. This isn’t just for the pokemon that you caught that are weather boosted. This is for all of your Pokemon with the appropriate move types.

For example, if you are going to do an Agron and you want to use fighting type Pokemon. Any Pokemon that you have that have fighting moves are going to be boosted in Cloudy weather to fight that Agron.

This also can work against you. If you are fighting weather boosted raid boss, their moves can be boosted too. For example, you are fighting Kyogre on a rainy day. Their water Moves are going to do 20% extra damage to you.

How Does Pokemon Go Determine The Weather?

The weather changes every hour on the hour and that is, we believed, pulled from an online weather service. It may not be entirely accurate because it’s pulled the day before but it should be roughly about right. If the weather is completely wrong, there is another button in the top right corner that you can press to report that the weather is wrong. Hopefully, Niantic will be using that to make the system more accurate in the future.

And that is all about our pokemon go weather system guide. Rain or shine, winter or spring, it’s always a good time to get up and GO!

If you have any comments or suggestions on how Dynamic Weather works in Pokemon Go, let us know in the comments below!

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